Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) 

The Open Space and Recreation Plan is a master plan for all the open space and recreational areas in Acton. Every 7 years, we update this document through community and committee input. This plan is important because it provides goals for Town parcels, lays out recreation priorities and makes the Town of Acton eligible for state funded grants. 

The town of Acton is currently in the process of updating the OSRP and plans to release the new edition in 2023. A community survey was conducted in early 2022 to help identify the priorities of the town as it relates to open space and recreation; the results of this survey can be found here. In November 2022 a public forum was held to present the survey results and gather more feedback from the community in order to begin forming the goals and objectives for the updated plan. 

OSRP Next Steps and Timeline:
OSRP Update Fall 2023

Projects Completed Since 2014 OSRP

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