Resident Sticker Parking

Acton Resident Sticker Program

South Acton Main Commuter Lot
School Street Lot
South Acton Fire Station Lot

Acton Resident Sticker - $200 per year effective August 1
Senior Citizen (65+ years) Acton Resident Sticker - $50 per year 

  • Stickers are available at Town Hall, during regular business hours, or at the Police Station at any time (Cash or Check only).
  • A valid Acton car registration is required to purchase a resident sticker.  Leased vehicles will also require a current Acton real estate property tax bill.
  • Parking in a metered space requires payment of the meter; a resident sticker does not invalidate the need to pay a meter.
  • The resident portion of the lot requires a valid resident sticker.
  • The resident sticker must be attached to the lower driver's side corner of the rear windshield, see image below.
  • A resident sticker does not guarantee a parking space.
  • A separate sticker must be purchased for each vehicle.
  • Resident stickers are valid for 12 months and are valid through the last day of the month numbered on the sticker. (i.e.: A sticker with an “8” would be valid through and including August 31st).
  • To report a problem to the Collector's Office, please call (978) 929-6622.

where to place sticker, windshield placement