Visitor Code of Conduct

The Town of Acton’s employees strive to provide a positive experience for those visiting Town facilities, by following the “Professional Standards of Conduct Policy”. In addition, the Town supports a workplace that is conducive to personal safety and security and is free from intimidation, threats or violent acts. The Town does not tolerate workplace violence, including the threat of violence by anyone who conducts business with the Town. 

The Town will not tolerate harassing conduct that affects employment conditions, that interferes unreasonably with an individual’s performance or that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. 

Complying with this Code of Conduct is required by all people doing business with Town employees. 

Violators who do not comply with this policy may be asked to leave the premises. 

Expected Conduct 

  • Avoid causing disturbances or disruptions 
  • Show respect for others, building facilities and personal property of others 
  • Use common courtesy when interacting with others 
  • Do not engage in any lewd or offensive behavior 
  • Any form of violence is prohibited 
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol or appearing to be under the influence of any illegal substance is prohibited

Repeated violations may result in permanent suspension of facility privileges. 


Visitor Code of Conduct