Burn Permit and Regulations

To apply for a Burn Permit:

Visit:  acton.firepermits.com
Complete STEP 1, to create an account.
Use Step 2 to apply for your permit.

BEFORE GOING TO STEP 3:  in a separate window, please visit http://www.weather.gov/ to ensure conditions are proper for burning. Color codes are beneath the map. Make sure it’s not a “red flag” day (in which case burning would not be allowed)

If all is well, complete Step 3 (at acton.firepermits.com) to activate your permit. You will need to activate your permit on EACH DAY you are burning.

Regulations for Open Burning

 Open Burning Season is January 15 through May 1

  • A permit will be required to burn
  • Burning will be allowed from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • No fire may be started after 12:00 noon
  • Burning must be at least 75' from any structure
  • Burning must take place proximate to the source of material
  • Absolutely no starter material such as tires, gasoline, motor oil, or any other petroleum accelerant will be used
  • No burning in barrels
  • Under the law you are allowed to burn debris from the following:
    • Domestic tree trimming and pruning
    • Domestic garden preparation
    • Commercial nursery tree trimming and pruning
    • Government nursery and forest tree trimming / maintenance of existing access ways
  • Burning will be conducted without causing a hardship or nuisance to others
  • Issue of this permit does not release the holder from liability for damages caused by his/her fire
  • The fire must be attended all time by a responsible adult
  • A means of extinguishing must be available at all times
  • Prohibited from burning:
    • Hay
    • Grass
    • Leaves
    • Whole trees
    • Stumps
    • Carpentry debris
    • Building Debris
    • Paper/Rubbish

If high wind or dry conditions exist, open burning is discouraged. The permit must be in the holder's possession during each burning event. There is no need to call the Fire Department prior to burning.

Red Flag Days

As a valid Open Burning permit holder, please be aware that there are days called “Red Flag Warning” days on which burning is prohibited. These days are weather-dependent, and determined by the National Weather Service. For your safety, to determine if you will be able to burn on any given day within the open burning season (January 15 – May 1), please visit http://www.weather.gov/ before starting your fire.