Town Plans and Studies

Comprehensive Community Plan

Town Meeting appropriated capital funding for the Comprehensive Plan (Master Plan). The plan will develop goals, policies, priorities, and an implementation program addressing all areas and aspects of the Town including:

  • Land uses
  • Housing
  • Economic development
  • Natural and cultural resources
  • Open space and recreation
  • Services and facilities
  • Circulation
  • Town governance

The plan is developed with an interactive public process to determine community values and goals and to identify implementation programs that will be consistent with these values and goals.

The Town has recently completed Phase 1 of the Comprehensive Community Plan with an unprecedented public outreach campaign. Phase 2 will get into details of the planning elements and the development of implementation strategies with further extensive public outreach and engagement.

Acton 2020 Final Plan

Additional Plans


Other Projects

Rail Trails: Assabet River (ARRT) and Bruce Freeman (BFRT)