Information Technology / GIS 

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for maintaining and improving high-quality, reliable technology infrastructure for Town departments, so they can provide services to the citizens of the Town and to ensure a reliable data, telecommunication and radio network on which to conduct Town operations safely and efficiently.  The Information Technology department facilitates internal and external communications including electronic mail, the Town web site and document management systems, the geographic information system and resident notification system.  It also provides for evaluation of new technologies and implementation of proven technologies to meet the needs of the Town, thus maximizing productivity of Town staff and improving citizen services by teaming with other departments to build standardized, functional systems.

Description of Services
Internet:  Web and Wireless Access
  • Maintain the Town's web services and public access systems
  • Maintain the Town's public wired and wireless Internet systems
  • Using virtual private networks (VPN), securely extend the Town's technology infrastructure to wireless or remote users, providing staff seamless access to technology systems while mobile
  • Implement web-based Geographic Information System technologies; provide public and staff access to geospatial information
  • Manage the Town's electronic documents, providing secure archival of documents while offering efficient access
  • Provide staff with application support and training
Intranet:  Network and Physical Security
  • Monitor, maintain and audit network security to ensure information privacy of citizens and staff
  • Maintain nightly backups of network and database systems, as well as replication of critical systems for disaster recovery
  • Maintain gigabit-Ethernet network between 30+ municipal and school buildings
  • Procure and manage all technology devices and software maintenance contracts, including geographic information and public safety
  • Manage financial management system hardware, software and maintenance contracts, inclusive of the schools
  • Manage Active Directory and exchange Server infrastructure for e-mail and collaboration
  • Maintain continuously-updating anti-virus and web content filtering
  • Physical building electronic access control and surveillance systems
  • Employee identification and physical access credential management

Communications:  Data, Radio and Telephone
  • Mission Critical Communications:
    • Public safety dispatch center
    • Police and Fire two-way radio
    • Emergency Operation Center
    • Public works and general government two-way radio
    • Town-wide voice-over-IP system
  • Daily operational technical support to all departments, boards and committees, and to provide emergency 24/7 technical support to mission critical departments such as Police, Fire, Public Works and Communications
  • Telecommunications including cellular, fax and personal digital assistant devices
  • Manage fault-tolerant Internet connections and related hardware (firewalls and other Internet-service appliances)
  • Networked copier/scanners and their integration with document management systems
  • Mobile Data Terminals: Public Safety vehicle computing
  • Citizen reverse emergency notification systems known as Blackboard Connect (or Connect-CTY or Reverse 911)
Compliance:  Policy, Law and Intergovernmental
  • Implement and improve technology policies and procedures
  • Coordinate information technology activities within all Town departments and between external agencies
  • Seek creative and external funding for technology projects and initiatives
  • Maintain comprehensive archival systems in compliance with Federal and State law