The Engineering Department:

  • Provides the various Town boards, committees, and departments with civil engineering and land surveying expertise
  • Designs public works-type projects
  • Obtains the necessary permits and approvals for them
  • Assigns street numbers to properties in the Town in accordance with Town Bylaw E1
  • Manages connections to the public sewer system and construction within public right-of-ways

Information available in the Engineering Department includes:

  • Recorded property deeds and plot plans
  • Road layouts & stormwater/sewer utility information
  • FEMA flood maps
  • Subdivision & Special Permit plans
  • Aerial photos of Acton
  • Historical maps of Acton

Online Applications and Payments 

The Engineering Department is now accepting most permits and payments online.  Please check back often to see our new offerings as we work to expand the number and types of permits that can be applied for using online permit applications. 

Apply online for Drain layer licenses, Driveway permits, and Road Opening Permits.