Complete Streets Program

What is a Complete Street?
A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible options for all travel modes - walking, biking, transit and vehicles – for people of all ages and abilities.

Designing streets with these principles contributes toward the safety, health, economic viability and quality of life in a community by improving the pedestrian and vehicular environments. Providing safer, more accessible and comfortable means of travel between home, school, work, recreation and retail destinations helps promote more livable communities.

As designers, planners, public officials and advocates, we have a responsibility to promote and improve public health, reduce traffic congestion, make places safer and more livable, and reduce environmental impacts.

Complete Street Projects

MassDOT Complete Street Grant – Fiscal Year 2017 ($400,000)

FY17 Complete Street Grant

  • Main Street (Route 2 to Acton Center)
    • Survey  - Done
    • Next Step - Complete Street design
  • Main Street over Route 2
    • Working with MassDOT about bicycle accommodations
    • MassDOT currently working on study of the eastbound ramps
  • Route 2/Piper/Taylor
    • MassDOT working on 25% design plans
      • Bicycle / pedestrian accommodations being considered
  • Acton Center Design
    • Complete Street Design - Underway
    • 25% design – Complete
    • Final Design – Expected in the Summer 2021
  • High Street - Road Safety Audit
    • Project underway this winter
  • Central Street
    • Preliminary Assessment - Done
    • Complete Street pilot program – Underway
    • Commuter Lot pedestrian improvements – Design underway
  • Hayward Road - Road Safety Audit
    • Next steps – implementation of recommendations
  • Strawberry Hill Road – Road Safety Audit
    • Next steps – implementation of recommendations
  • Maple Street (Main St to Stow St)
    • Complete Street Design – Done
      • Part of ARRT Project
    • Peer Review - Done
  • 19-21 Maple Street Property
    • Feasibility Study – Underway
  • Main Street & Prospect Street Intersection Design
    • Traffic Study – Done
    • Intersection Design – Underway
  • Powder  Mill Road
    • MassWorks Grant Award
    • Complete Street Design – expect planning phase to begin Spring/Summer 2021
  • Sidewalk Program
    • Complete Street design elements considered during design phase
  • West Acton Center
    • General discussion about starting an overall streetscape/complete street study
  • Main/Central Intersection study
    • Intersection Study
      • Working on Draft Proposal

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