Water quality at NARA Pond?
State regulations require that public swimming areas be tested periodically for acceptable levels of E.coli bacteria, to protect the health of the bathing public. NARA pond is a freshwater ecosystem that supports fish, turtles, frogs and other forms of life. Unlike other ponds and lakes open to swimming in the area, NARA is tested weekly, far more frequently than chlorinated public or residential pools, which are tested daily for chlorine levels. Testing is performed by the Health Department on Mondays and a water sample is sent to a lab with results made available in 24 hours. Bacteria testing requires this incubation period. A result that exceeds 235 ppm will trigger the closing of the beach to swimmers, until follow up testing, which will be performed daily, shows a reduction to acceptable bacteria levels. It should be noted that beach closings at NARA are not a frequent event. Please contact the Board of Health if you would like additional information at 978-929-6632.

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