On Monday evening the Board of Selectmen and the Acton Board of Health held a joint emergency meeting to discuss guidance and response actions to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Town. Public Health Director Sheryl Ball shared that last week 34 new COVID cases were reported, 20 of which were reported over the weekend. Ten of the reported cases were at the Life Care Center on Great Road.

According to our Nursing Services Director Heather York, the highest risk of transmission is within individual households. The most common occurrence is when a family invites family members or friends over for dinner or socializing and vice versa. This is alarming. Please be mindful as we enter the holiday season to keep visits to immediate family only.

Both Boards supported the recommendation of Town Manager John Mangiaratti to suspend the Memorial Library's in person browsing program (15 people at a time for 30 minutes). Curbside book pick-up orders will continue.

In addition, Town Hall window service for finance and land use matters will be by appointment only. Details will be forthcoming.

There will be new signage at the rail trails and recreation areas reminding residents to wear masks and to social distance.

There will be a town-wide telephone call and mailing informing residents of these developments.

A tough, bleak winter is likely ahead. Wearing face masks (avoid bandanas) and observing social distancing is a must. Let's be hopeful with a new president and promising vaccines working their way to general use, we will all be in a much better place this time next year.

Our continued thanks to John Mangiaratti, Sheryl Ball, Heather York and the Acton Board of Health for their tireless efforts on our behalf.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jon Benson

A message from the Town of Acton, Massachusetts.
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