Select Board


(Select Board members shown from left to right) Alissa Nicol, David D. Martin, Francesca Arsenault, Jim Snyder-Grant, Dean A. Charter

Board Members: 

Jim Snyder-Grant, Chair
Francesca Arsenault, Vice Chair
Dean A. Charter, Clerk
David D. Martin, Member
Alissa Nicol, Member

Phone: (978) 929-6611


Meetings are held bi-weekly on Mondays (monthly in the summer) at 7:00 PM. Please check the calendar for official meeting postings. Citizens are encouraged to attend the meetings. The start of each meeting always begins with inviting citizens to speak about concerns on any topic not on the printed agenda.

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Agendas , Votes Recorded , Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Votes recorded document is published following the meeting.  Minutes are available following approval.

Select Board Statement of Respect for All - July 2021

The Select Board values all Acton's residents. Any type of hurtful speech or action, targeting anyone for who they are, is unacceptable here, including racism, antisemitism, ethnic slurs, homo or trans-phobia, ableism, etc. Respect for everyone is expected in all interactions in our community.

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