Acton Business and Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Grant Program


The Acton Select Board approved $30,000 of ARPA funding to create the Acton Business and Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Grant Program (ABMEEG). ABMEEG will provide eligible business owners and owners of multi-family properties in Acton with reimbursement grants up to $2,000 to mitigate the financial impacts of improving the energy efficiency of their physical location. 

Applications are due no later than April 21, 2023. Grant awards will be announced May 22, 2023. Communication regarding this grant program and the award responses will be sent out via email so please provide an email address that will be monitored.

You must schedule an energy audit, in coordination with the landlord of the property, in order to submit your application for this grant program. Grants are provided on a reimbursement basis for approved expenses incurred during the period of May 23, 2023 through May 23, 2024.

 Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  1. Be an Acton business with a brick-and-mortar (physical) location. 
  2. Self-certify that the business has less than $1,500,000 in annual gross revenue.
  3. Be registered with and operating in the Town of Acton (excluding chains but franchises allowed; franchise being defined as a business whereby the owner licenses its operations—along with its products, branding, and knowledge—in exchange for a franchise fee).
  4. Be current on their local taxes.

Grant Program Energy Efficiency

 Energy Efficiency Grant Requirements:

  • To apply for the program, business owners and property owners must be current on their taxes with the Town of Acton and provide the following:
    • Grant Program Application
    • Proof of Acton business address 
    • Proof that Mass Save Audit has been scheduled (contact Mass Save here)
    • Self-certification of Annual Gross Revenue
  • Once accepted into the program, Business Owners must: 
    • Provide a copy of the customized Energy Savings Proposal they receive from Mass Save after the energy audit.
    • Complete the reimbursement request form by May 23, 2024 along with copies of paid receipts and send to Andrea Becerra at Reimbursement checks will be distributed to grant recipients within 45 days of approved reimbursement request.
    • Only submit items for reimbursement that are not paid for by or reimbursed by another source or entity. 
    • Only submit items for reimbursement that were recommended as part of the Mass Save Energy Audit.
    • Record a video highlighting the energy upgrades completed by the business and/or a written narrative of the experience to share on the Town website and social media.

 Energy Efficiency Grant Program Process:

  1. Business or Property Owners apply to be accepted as grant recipients in the program by providing the required documents listed above.
  2. Business or Property Owners will contact MassSave and undergo their energy audit.
  3. Business or Property Owners will select the energy savings measures they want to implement from the Mass Save Energy Audit recommendations.
  4. Business or Property Owners will choose vendors and implement their chosen measures from the Mass Save Energy Audit recommendations.
  5. Business or Property Owners will submit receipts and reimbursement form to receive reimbursement for up to $2,000 of the cost of the implementation of their chosen measures
  6. Business or Property Owners record their experience and/or write a narrative on the experience.