Signs are a necessary means of communicating information. Generally, signs are intended to be highly visible. They attract attention and are one of the most visible and apparent aspects of a town's character. They tend to produce a lasting impression on residents and visitors and they provide an indication of the commercial health of a business area and a town as a whole. Simplicity in design and restrained use of signs are necessary to prevent a sign overload which creates clutter and is as confusing as no signs at all.

The purposes of this section of the Zoning Bylaws are:
  • to promote the safety and welfare of residents, businesses and visitors;
  • to enhance the safety of all traffic participants by encouraging simple messages and by preventing sign overload, clutter and confusion;
  • to encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication, information and advertisement;
  • to foster free and effective expression and advertising, through creative and distinctive design;
  • to maintain and enhance the aesthetics of the built environment and the character of the Town;
  • to encourage signs which by their location, size and design are in harmony and compatible with the surrounding buildings and environment;
  • to maintain and promote economic health and stability;
  • to further the general purpose of the Zoning Bylaw.
Zoning Bylaw - Section 7. Signs and Advertising Devices

Sign Application
Special Event Temporary Sign Permit