Town Clerk


The Office of the Town Clerk is the provider of information and quality services to the community and works cooperatively and in coordination with the varied departments and groups while performing a myriad of tasks to achieve established goals and comply with state and local statutes.

Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Controlling the issuance of a variety of licenses and permits including marriage licenses, business certificates, and permits for raffles and bazaars
  • Administering oath of office to all elected and appointed officials for all committees, commissions, and boards, and ensuring that all elected and appointed officials are informed, in writing, of the Open Meeting Laws and Conflict of Interest Laws
  • Providing access to public records in compliance with the State Public Records Law and corresponding regulations.

Open Meeting Laws

In accordance with the new Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, notices for public meetings must be received by the Town Clerk 48 hours (excluding weekends) prior to a meeting date. Such notices must include date, time, place and topics the Committee Chair reasonably anticipates. Please see the Open Meeting Law presentation for detailed information.

Postings can be found at Town Hall or on the Town calendar.